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UIToolkit for Unity

July 15, 2013

I am playing around with Unity now for a while now, and  − as probably most of you sooner or later − needed to decide on how to do the good old plain and simple flat 2D UI stuff for menus etc. on top of fancy 3D graphics that you get out of the box with Unity. You can use of course the built-in GUI stuff, but you also probably heard that it’s not such a great idea if your target platform is mobile.

There are tons of frameworks for GUI around, ranging from free to paid, with partially all sorts of add-ons available and the more expensive ones (like NZGUI) probably the way to go if you are really doing high-end development. I, however, stumbled upon UIToolkit by Prime31, and I really found it great for my purposes. It is programmed in an extremely straightforward manner, with easy to understand concepts especially if you are coming from the Cocos2D world. It’s completely free, at the cost of a rather minimal documentation, though.

There is a lively community, but as usual around Unity, it mostly takes place in one endless thread in the Unity forum, and finding things or following a specific topic, or just checking if there are replies at all for a certain question, is not so great. But then, since all the source is available and has a very clean and easy to understand structure, you can almost always find what you need by just checking what happens inside of UIToolkit.

So for some of the solutions to things I wanted to achieve and that I found out either by code reading or by combining bits and pieces I wanted to start a small series of blogs to share those with you. Here you are:


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